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Pioneering a sustainable era for crypto mining through low carbon technology

World's leading low carbon and energy efficient data centers
20MW from custody agreements in Kazakhstan
(In operation)
Through our custody agreement, we have access to 20 MW of power capacity. As of August this year, 3819 BTC miners have been deployed and 4030 BTC miners are on location in Kazakhstan, awaiting deployment.
100MW data center in Kazakhstan
On May 24, 2021, we announce our plan to invest $9.33 million in building a 100MW datacenter in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan's abundant low-carbon energy resources, low power costs, ample power supply, friendly regulatory environment, and low average temperatures, make it the ideal location for large scale crypto-mining.
57.2MW data center in Texas
On May 19, 2021 we announced our plan to invest $25.74 million in building a 57.2 MW datacenter in Texas.
Texas's abundant wind and solar resources, as well as its friendly crypto-regulatory environment. have made it a hot spot for crypto-mining. On June 5, 2021, Texas signed its "virtual currency bill" into law, creating a legal framework for virtual currencies and blockchain, Texas Governor. Greg Abbott tweeted that "Blockchain is a booming industry that Texas needs to be involved in." "Texas is open for Crypto business."
BTC.com — the world's leading blockchain data service and mining pool solution provider
Multi-node deployment, high-speed communication network, code innovation, safe & secure
BTC.com Blockchain browser
Global mainstream multi-cryptocurrency blockchain data analysis service platform that is practical, efficient, professional and impartial.

The world's leading multi-cryptocurrency blockchain data analytics platform with a focus on Bitcoin and support for multi-cryptocurrency mining.

Provides cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world with a practical, simple, efficient, accurate, transparent, and fair blockchain data and industry hot topic query service.

Professional versions of a highly precise and detailed reports, delivered in layman's terms, to be easily understood by users. With more than 9 million page views per month and more than 4 billion API calls made.

BTC.com Multi-algorithm integrated mining pool
The world’s leading mining pool service provider, first to introduce an FPPS settlement model.

Provides the world's leading pool service with a focus on Bitcoin and support for multi-cryptocurrency mining.

The first mining pool service provider to introduce FPPS settlement model, bringing a more refined, convenient, versatile and innovative mining service experience to professional miners and datacenters through multi-node deployment and robust IP batch setup.