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Pioneering a sustainable era for crypto-mining

World's leading energy efficient data centers
82.5MW data center in Ohio, US
We invested a total of US$23.14 million in the development of a cryptocurrency mining data center in Ohio with access to power capacity of up to 82.5MW.
1.4MW data center in
We have completed the construction of our Ethereum focused mining site in Hongkong.

In the near future, we target to expand towards Filecoin mining.
Bee Computing – Helping Lead the Way in Crypto Mining Machine Manufacturing
After acquiring Bee Computing, BIT Mining Limited also now specializes in the manufacturing of high-performance 7 nano-meter crypto mining machines. Leveraging the latest chip technology from top manufacturers in the world, we are able to create power-efficient and reliable ASIC miners that give our customers a competitive edge in the cryptocurrency mining industry. We will continue to invest and develop towards the next generation of new machines as the world of cryptocurrency mining is always progressing forward.
BeeMiner LD3
Harshrate 4800MH/s
Power 3500W
Efficiency 0.73W/MH
  • Improved Power Efficiency Enhanced Mining Profitability.
  • An Entirely New Design Incorporating the Latest Tech.
  • The Most Powerful Scrypt Miner Perfect for LTC and DOGE.
Our LD3 machines are built with durability in mind and are easy to use, making them a popular choice for both small-scale and large-scale operations.
Customer Support
we are committed to providing exceptional service and support to all of our clients, ensuring that they have the best possible experience when using our products.
Center of excellence - Ohio Data Center
Our Ohio data center has 40,000 square meters of floor space, with an operating power load of 82.5MW, and can host up to 30,000 Bitcoin mining machines. The data center is fully staffed with an experienced operations and mining machine maintenance team, who have multiple years of experience operating crypto-mining data centers.
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Mining machine hosting service Mining machine repair & maintenance Mining machine sales
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